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It is a saying- -India lives in its villages. Though a lot has changed with the changing times, still a lot depends on these lively villages which present the real India. Each village has an unique identity with the typical house pattern, livelihood, dance and drama etc.
Living on these lives, we invite you to explore some of the lively villages of orissa and Chhatisgarh. where the ever smiling people will greet you and by the way you will get a great opportunity to explore their great culture.

Day-1 :- Bhubaneswar
Arrival Bhubaneswar and meet our representative. Transfer to hotel and overnight.

Day-2 :- Bhubaneswar
AM - Heritage walk in the Old temple town which will cover the impressive miniature temples, water tanks, small shrines, traditional bazaars. Also experience the authentic Hindu worship inside the temple.
PM - Enjoy the sunset visit to the ancient Caves at Khandagiri and Udaygiri.

Day-3 :- Bhubaneswar-Nuapatna-Joranda-Dhenkanal
A.M Visit the weavers village at Nuapatna to witness the live weaving done by the tradional weavers.
PM - Visit the Dhokra metal worker village at Sadeibareni. During sunsetting visit the great monastery at Joranda where the unique Mahima sadhus offer the holy prayer for the sake of universal peace and harmony.
Overnight stay at the Dhenkanal palace - A heritage property.

Day-4 :- Dhenkanal-Heerapur-Pipli-Konark
AM - Visit the unique sixty four yogini temple amidst the peaceful surrounding.
Then visit the Bell metal worker Village at balakati.
PM - See the colorful applique work at Pipli. Visit the fisher man village at Konark.
Overnight stay at Konark.

Day-5 :- Konark-Raghurajpur-Puri
AM - Visit the sun temple in the morning - a poem in the stone and world heritage site. Then visit the farmer village.
PM - Enjoy the half of the day in around the artisan and painter village .The highlights of this day will be traditional lunch, Gotipua dance, short walk and the ever smiling people.
Overnight in a beach side hotel at Puri.

Day-6:-Puri-Local site seeing
AM - heritage walk in the traditional holy Puri covering old buildings, water tanks,craft centers,small shrines. Also visit the great Jagannath temple.
PM - Visit various villages inside Puri like Kumbarpada- temple pottery village, Pathuria sahi stone carver village, chitrakar sahi-painter village. Enjoy the sunset walk along the beach market.Overnight stay in the same hotel.
Overnight in a beach side hotel at Puri.

Day-7 :- Puri-Chilika lagoon-Rambha
AM - short drive to Satapada to enjoy the boat ride in the lap of Chilika lagoon-Largest brack water lagoon in asia and Ramsar site. You will see the various migratory birds, irwady dolphins. Then cross the lake by the ferries and drive through exotic rural villages, paddy fields, canals.
PM - During sun setting take a short catamaran ride in the lake. Overnight stay in a hotel overlooking to the lake.

Day-8 :-Rambha-Chandragiri-Taptapani
AM - Drive to Taptapani to enjoy the stay in a hotel amidst the lush green forest and natural hot spring. You will truly enjoy the hot sulpher bath in your own room .
PM - Short drive to chandragiri Tibbetian village where nearly ten thousand Tibetan refugees settled. Its worth to visit their carpet making work shop and the monastery.
Overnight stay in the hotel at taptapani.

Day-9 :- Taptapani - Lanjia Saura Village-Rayagada
AM - after breakfast departure for Rayagada. Enroute visit the Aryan tribal village popularly known as Lanjia saura. Explore their life style during hiking of their village. Their main occupation is farming on traditional way as they use the wooden plough, hoe etc. Visit to the Shaman house to see the rare mudwall painting will be the high lights.
PM - Enjoy the drive through jungles, hill tracks. Enroute visit more villages. Overnight in a standard hotel, at Rayagada.

Day-10 :- Desia kondh village-Dunguria village-Rayagada
AM - Short drive to Dukum region to make soft trek to different villages like pottery maker village, tribal jewellary maker village,Desia Kondh villages.
PM - Trek in the Niyamgiri hills to visit the highhill hamlets of Dunguria Kondh tribes.Enjoy the half of the day in the village to interact with the people ans if possible also see their dance.
Back to the hotel at Rayagada for a comfortable stay.

Day-11 :- Paraja village-Mali village-Tribal museum-Koraput
AM - Enjoy the drive through the pristine hill terrains,jungles. Explore the Paraja and Mali tribal villages who are very friendly. Enjoy the picnic lunch followed by their traditional music.
PM - visit the tribal museum at Koraput. Enjoy the sunset visit to the hilltop Jagannath temple .Wait for the evening temple ritual to see the authentic pooja. Overnight stay in a small hotel manage by the temple trust.

Day-12 :- Dhuruba village-Gupteswar
AM - Short drive to Gupteswar to visit the secret cave shrine for the tribal god.Enjoy the jungle walk along the river side. Check in to the tourist bunglow for a decent and basic stay.
PM - Walk to different Dhuruba tribe village. Enjoy the traditional dinner and their dance in the evening. Dhuruba tribes are popular since the Ramayan epic as they help Lord Rama to cross the river by the bamboo vessels.

Day-13 :-Gadaba village-Jeypore
AM - Short drive to Lamtaput area to visit the primitive Gadaba tribal villages. who are distinctive for their costumes, ornaments and the houses. Enjoy the traditional Dhemsa dance perform by the Gadaba women.
PM - Short drive to Jeypore, rest and relax in a comfortable hotel.

Day-14 :- Bonda village-Jeypore
AM - Early morning drive to Machakund region and on arrival long trek (10 hrs) to the Bonda hills to meet the most primitive Bonda tribes. They are significantly different from the other tribes for the isolated community and the geographic location.They are very colourful for their jewellary,ornaments and their body stature.
PM - Late afternoon back to hotel at Jeypore, rest and relax after a long day trek.

Day-15 :- Kotapad textile village-Tribal museum-Jagdalpur
AM - Drive down to border to visit the Kotpad textile village. The weavers are using the natural dying like clay, plant roots and make beautiful shawls. You will see the live weaving.
PM - Welcome to Bastar district by visiting the tribal museum. Rest and relax in an Eco resort.

Day-16 :- Kondagaon terracotta village-Bison horn muria tribal village
AM - Short drive to Kondagaon region to stay in the guest house of a Local volunteer organization who are working for the tribal community. See the amazing Bastar terracotta work. Visit the Nagaur handicraft village.
PM - Walk to the Bisonhorn maria tribes who are aborigin and distinctively typical houses. See and enjoy the muria tribe dance as they wear the bison horn mask during the dance.
Overnight stay in the basic guest house.

Day-17 :- Deer horn maria tribal village-Kanker Royal farm
AM - Visit the Dhokra bell metal worker village at Kumarapara.famous for the long height totemic statue.
PM - Visit the deer horn muria tribal village. Enjoy the traditional muria tribal lunch and their dance.
Overnight stay in the royal bastar farm house maintained by the Royal family of Kanker.

Day-18 :- Kanker-Keskal-Rajim-Raipur
AM - Drive to Rajim known as Prayag in Chhatisgad and home to various temples along the river confluence. Enroute enjoy the drive through the zig zag trail of the Keshkal hills.
PM - Transfer to a comfortable hotel at Raipur.

Day-19 :- Bhermodev temple, baiga, gond tribal village
AM - An excursion trip to Bhermodev area to visit the ancient Bhermodev temple.
PM - Visit the Baiga and Gond tribal villages nearby. Baiga tribes are very good in basket making and tattooing is an integral part of their life style.
Overnight stay at Jungle retreat at Bhermodev

Day-20 :- Raipur-Delhi/Mumbai/Hyderabad
Transfer to the domestic airport for the onward destination.

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